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Stump eradicator

The mechanical stump eradicator by LaCruz® is a tool conceived to work with tracked or wheeled tractors. The system works through a mechanical transmission and allows the total removal of roots in row plantations such as vineyard, orchards, poplars and others. Thanks to the motion of the tractor, harrows and blades cut portions of the soil, oscillating bars and rotors help extracting the stumps and separating the dirt from roots, that are left on the ground behind the machine. Soon after the passage of the stump eradicator, the soil is practically ready for new cultivations and the roots left clean on the ground can be easily collected and brought to recycling and biomass plants. The removal of stumps and roots which is usually an expensive but necessary operation, becomes in this way an easier, faster and more cost effective work, especially in comparison with the traditional methods of plant extraction. LaCruz® has developed 4 models of stump eradicators, varying according to the working width, diameters of the stumps and depth of the roots to be removed.